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Sound, Proactive Land Use And Planning Advice

Anderson, Reynolds & Lynch, P.C. has had extensive experience as general and special counsel to Connecticut government entities as well as private property owners involving all aspects of municipal issues such as land use regulation, wetlands, water and sewer issues, assessments and taxation. Specifically, we have provided general land use advice and defended land use claims and appeals for land use agencies in numerous municipalities. We have also represented private property owners in connection with such matters around Connecticut.

Our approach representing municipalities in land use matters is based on practical, preventive advice. We work closely with town planners and land use agencies to ensure that potential legal issues are identified early, when an application is filed, so commission members have the benefit of appropriate technical advice and guidance in the creation of a strong record. With this approach, we have been successful in avoiding unnecessary appeals and defending against appeals. In the long term, this approach helps a town reduce exposure to appeals and federal taking claims and saves town resources, since a successful defense can be better conducted based on the record.

Further, due to our extensive experience with numerous issues raised by land use commissions, many questions can be addressed quickly, without the need for lengthy research and written memoranda.

Rely On Our Background In Business Law And Real Estate Issues

Anderson, Reynolds & Lynch, P.C. has a solid track record representing clients in business law and commercial real estate matters. We understand the complexities of land use questions and the importance of acting earlier rather than later. To schedule a consultation, call our offices at 860-348-3836 or fill out our online contact form.